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Contacts and Eyeglasses

Making a decision about your eyewear goes beyond good vision and makes a statement about who you are. Your decision affects how you see and also how you want to be seen by others. But with so many different contact lenses and eyeglasses to choose from, getting the right look for your face and your lifestyle can be overwhelming.

Your face is one of the first things a person notices about you. Eyewear is therefore a prominent part of your appearance. Eyewear reflects your personality and highlights the unique features of your face – in addition to giving you a crystal-clear view of the world. Our opticians will ensure that you see clearly and make the statement you want to make.

Eyewear Trends to Stay in Style

We make sure our optical collection features all the latest designs in eyewear. Do you want to impress professional colleagues with a sleek and sophisticated expression? Or do you want to put the finishing touch on an artsy, creative outfit? No matter the style, we stock contemporary eyewear from the hottest brand names in America, Europe, and Asia.

Stop by anytime to browse our selection; walk-ins are always welcome! With your up-to-date vision prescription in hand, our experienced optical staff will help you find the perfect pair of frames for crisp vision and a flattering look. Choosing the best eyeglasses for your face, visual function, and personal fashion can be tricky, and we encourage our customers to take their time before making a final decision.

Contact Lenses for Your Natural Look

Do you prefer the convenience and comfort of contact lenses? We supply an extensive range of premium lenses for all vision prescriptions, including hard-to-fit, in our optical store. Whether you’re purchasing your first pair of contacts or you’ve been wearing them for years, we offer all the contact lenses and supplies that you need. When your supply of contacts is running low, stop in for a refill anytime.

A Perfect Fit

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal. Before you head home, our optical team will check that your eyeglasses or contact lenses fit perfectly, feel comfortable, and provide you with optimal vision. We want you to see sharp, look amazing, and feel ready to take on the world in your new eyewear!