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Bausch+Lomb Optima Toric Contact Lenses

bausch+lomb optima toric contact lensThe Optima Toric contact lens is a comfortable soft lens option for almost anyone with astigmatism. This lens has been prescribed for over 30 years and is designed for clear vision and excellent comfort. Your eye care practitioner may prescribe the lens for traditional or frequent/planned replacement wearing schedule, with cleaning, disinfection and scheduled replacement of the lens.

Key Features & Benefits

  • For people with astigmatism
  • A conventional soft contact lens brand used by contact lens patients for over 30 years
  • A spare pair is also available for purchase, for convenience and peace of mind

It’s important to follow your prescribed wearing schedule and replacement schedule your eye care practitioner gives you. And, regular check-up visits to your eye care practitioner are necessary for the proper and safe use of contact lenses.